Wanting and wishing you could lose weight, whilst a very valid wish, needs a plan of action.

1. The correct diet for you
2. Changing your thought patterns

Finding a diet is the easy part, the adherence is where we come unstuck, especially if we are feeling uncomfortable and deprived and wanting to return to our old ways of comforting ourselves, by eating the foods that make us sick.

I’m a firm believer in “naming it to tame it” and the first step in the process of taming it is identifying your reasons why. Rather than focussing on the end result of “wanting to lose weight” we need to articulate the reasons why and let them be our driving force towards the goal.

In moments of defeat or despair, referring to your list of why you want to lose weight is a powerful tool to redirect your thoughts and get back on track.

My old why for wanting to lose weight was about being able to buy clothes from any clothing store and not being just relegated to the fat lady shop, as I used to call it. Taking up just one seat on the train and not one and a half. Being able to bend over comfortably in order to buckle my shoes, not having swollen feet and ankles by the end of the day. Being able to sleep comfortably, to stop snoring and not feel like I was choking on my neck. Waking up refreshed and not in pain when first standing up in the morning. Surviving the night. Waking up. I had loads of why and the list was growing each year.

You see, I dieted myself into morbid obesity and was in pain and unhappy. Having tried and failed mainstream diets, I decided to cut out all processed food and embraced a nutritional well formulated ketogenic diet. By using wholefood, I was able to lose weight and restore health and vitality. Food addiction and emotional eating is no longer a significant factor in my life. I healed myself physically and emotionally. I used properly prepared, nutrient dense whole food as medicine.

I would have loved if there was someone who could have guided me on that journey, assured me to trust the process and walk me through the steps, to show me it’s not an insurmountable task and that I didn’t have to live that way. A sounding board and reassurance, directing me in what to eat and why, educating me, answering the seemingly silly questions.

There is no greater gift than good health and what greater gift than to empower someone else to make better choices about their health, be their own health advocate and live their best life. I’ve changed and want to change someone else’s world – this is my new why.

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